Super Bowl XLIX: Victoria's Prediction

The 12th Man vs. #12

By Victoria Lane

Looking ahead to Super Bowl XLIX, two ferocious and obviously talented teams will meet in Glendale, Arizona on February 1 to claim the highly-coveted Vince Lombardi trophy.

The Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots have led their divisions all throughout the regular season. Despite both teams getting off to a rough start, they have each proven their tenacity and worth as many other talented teams have waffled.

And while some may focus on #DeflateGate, I won’t…but if the Patriots cheated they should be disqualified.

I will certainly not focus on the fact that no reports have indicated that any of the Colts’ footballs were found to be deflated despite Bill Belichick the Science Guy’s press conference and atmospheric pressure science fair project.

I won’t even mention the fact that Seattle and Green Bay played in equally as treacherous, windy, rainy and difficult weather conditions and managed to not have deflated footballs.

Ignoring the factual history that New England has a proven reputation of using devious methods to coach and barely legal and fishy formations to play, Seattle and New England will put on a show hopefully as entertaining and kosher as Katy Perry spraying whipped cream from her brassiere.

Both teams have powerful players. New England boasts a commanding offense which includes future Hall-of-Famer quarterback, Tom Brady.  Following several incredible passes in the Colts-Patriots game, Brady passed Peyton Manning (6,800 yards) for most yards passing in the postseason with 7,017.

Aiding Brady, Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski packs a major punch. Standing at a daunting six-foot-six inches, the tight end has been an invaluable and healthy asset for the Patriots this season. Incredibly fast despite his huge frame, Gronkowski does it all and is a major roadblock to any hopes of a Seattle victory.

As a whole, the team is strong. They have impressive stats. They practice and play in harsher conditions then most of the other NFL teams do.

But what they lack and why I give Seattle the upper hand in this battle, is heart. New England is calculated and formidable. But so is Seattle. Led by a humble but powerful quarterback, the Seattle Seahawks have coverage and intelligence on both sides of the ball.

Despite having their rears dragged up and down the field during the first two quarters of the Seattle-Green Bay game, Wilson, an injured Richard Sherman, the Seahawks and the 12th man rallied their troops to mount an impressive comeback.

Growing up watching and believing in the Indianapolis Colts, I am always rooting for the underdog with heart and passion. And if it can’t be the Colts, then it has to be the Seahawks.

BUT - Wilson will have to be sharper, there will be no time to waste and no opportunities can be missed. Brady will leave no room for mistakes and the Patriots defense will apply pressure. Interceptions on either side are going to be fatal.

Prediction: Seattle, 24. New England, 21.