Safe Space In The Indianapolis Underground Punk Scene

On Oct. 30, 2015, The Campus Citizen published a story titled “Safe Space in The Indiana Underground Punk Scene.” The subject of the story was a house venue in Indianapolis called “Bad City” that portrayed their venue as a place of inclusivity, where everyone could feel safe.

Their mission statement is below:

we don't tolerate racism, homophobia, transphobia or misogyny. we don't tolerate rapists, or sexual predators.

shows will happen twice a month. none of them will be metalcore or easycore. we had enough of that shit.

if you get caught with an oppressive ‘tude, you're getting kicked out. we're promoting a safer space than what's currently available in the city, if you fuck up, you'll be called on it and possibly asked to leave or be forced into a very long conversation.

certain men will already not be allowed at the house. these individuals have 7 other places in the city to go to shows, this isn't one of them.

this place is for the young, women, people of color, gender-queer, queer people in general, the odd, the sad, the depressed, and anyone who struggles with shit they were born in to.

please contact Mr. Birdcall, Mr. Stacy, Mr. Disgusting or Ms. Swift for any Qs


After publishing the story, the comment section quickly filled up with accusations against one of the founders of Bad City regarding sexual assault. Upon seeing these comments, we spoke with members of the community and the accused. Based on the information we obtained, we no longer feel comfortable hosting a story that affirms the Bad City venue as a safe place.

While The Campus Citizen stands by our reporter and the work he did, the information that has come to light has given us cause to retract the story. It is our job to report the news accurately and in this instance we failed to do that. We will learn from this lesson and apply it to the future.


-The Campus Citizen