IUPUI's Big Man on Campus 2015

Event to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

By Leighann Strollo (@leighannns)

On April 10, IUPUI’s finest men will compete in a talent show for the attention and affection of Greek Life across campus. They’ll be the kings of the castle, the biggest men on campus.

Hosted by Zeta Tau Alpha, Lambda Epsilon Chapter, a sorority at IUPUI with philanthropic ties to breast cancer awareness and education, they have been avidly trying to raise money for IUPUI’s 3rd annual ‘Big Man on Campus,’ their biggest event of the year.

After raising almost $20,000 over the fist two years combined, the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha are setting even higher goals, and hoping to reach them. ZTA is trying to spread the word of their talent show beyond Greek life, and getting everyone involved in what is sure to be a battle of the best.

Between the fun of candle and T-shirt sales, Twitter trends, and sponsorships, it’s almost easy to forget that 100% of the money raised for this fun event gets donated directly to ZTA’s national philanthropy of breast cancer education and awareness.

“This is extremely important to our colony because it allowed us to raise money for a magnificent cause,” Adam Thomas, Phi Gamma Delta’s BMOC contestant said.
For the past two years, this event has brought together the IUPUI community to share something special and create a bond over a good cause.

“The initial reason I did BMOC was, of course, because it’s a wonderful cause. But it was more an outlet to perform again. Last semester, my girlfriend’s aunt, who I am close with, was diagnosed with breast cancer and it became even more [than that]. Now I have motivation to raise even more money,” Thomas said.

“All in all, everyone that is participating are big men on campus because of the time and effort put toward none in eight, instead of one in eight,” he added, meaning that one in every eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer. While the talent show is fun, the cause is serious, and there is a cancer-free goal to be met.

While the Delta Sigma Phi men have been dominating in bringing home the crown year after year, IUPUI’s fraternities have sent six fantastic candidates to the floor to battle it out for the big title. With six of ZTA’s own coaches, these fraternity members will showcase their talents on the stage for all of IUPUI to see.

“If we win it gives us bragging rights,” Thomas joked, though the fraternities do take the honor very seriously.

The women of Zeta Tau Alpha have done a wonderful job contributing their hours of hard work to a great cause, not only with hosting and raising money, but coaching the contestants with their talents the whole way through.

“Being my second year as a BMOC coach, I’ve learned the development of fundraising techniques while collaborating with other great minds,” Jordan Welty, BMOC coach and member of Zeta Tau Alpha, said.

The six fraternity members will compete in a battle of their talents that range from singing to dancing to stand-up.

“You’re really there for your contestant from a moral standpoint, and you build a great bond with the other coaches and contestants,” Welty added.

“Seeing the effect raising money for breast cancer awareness has is one of the great things about it,” Welty, the coach of the Delta Sigma Phi contestant continued. “It’s all for a good cause, and that’s what’s important.”

This year’s Big Man On Campus event will take place on April 10, at 7:00 pm with an eight-dollar admission in the banquet hall of IUPUI’s Campus Center.