Indy Fuel Reigns in Third in Division After Quad City Mallards Defeat

After the back-to-back triumph over the Quad City Mallards on Friday and Saturday, Indianapolis’ minor league hockey team, The Indy Fuel, are now in third place in the Midwest Division of ECHL’s Western Conference. The Fuel now have a 3-0 win streak (including Sunday’s win against Fort Wayne’s Komets) so far in their 8 game span.

The Indy Fuel set the tone with a 2-1 win against the Quad City Mallards, scoring twice, in the first period, within three minutes during Friday night’s game. Fuel forewords Daniel Ciampini and Cody Sharib each scored a point apiece, just 52 seconds apart from each other in the first period.

“It’s pretty good,” Daniel Ciampini said. “It’s something we wanted established, especially with three games this week, and so it was pretty good that we were able to do that.”

Naturally, with the emotions, and adrenaline running sky high from both teams, it was not long before a confrontation broke out towards the end of the first period near the Indy Fuel’s goal crease.

“Those kind of confrontations happen all the time,” Cody Sharib explained. “We’re just trying to protect the goalie, make sure they don’t get in there, and let them know that they can’t just do whatever they want.”

The Indy Fuel played against the Quad City Mallards the next night on January 23, and no crowd pleasing act was left at the door. With over 4,000 fans packing Pepsi Coliseum Saturday night, The Indy Fuel’s entrance was one that was most fitting for a champ. They marked their entry with none other than an explosion of fire shooting up from two flame cannons.

As fans pounded the glass, cheering, and yelling for their beloved hockey team, each Fuel member skated through the fiery entrance. When the players smashed into the plexiglass, fans would hammer their fists into the glass to try and get the player’s attention.

It seemed as if this game had an even higher energy buzz than the night before. Both Indy Fuel, and Quad City’s performances were on another level. It seemed as if the Quad City Mallards had come back for vengeance, while the Indy Fuel continuously defended its victory from the night before. The Quad City Mallards seemed fully determined to redeem themselves from Friday night’s loss, taking every opportunity to steal the puck, and putting even more effort into defending their territory.

After an extensive battle over the puck, finally the first goal was scored by Indy Fuel foreword, Michael Cotantone in the first period. Both teams put up a hard fight in the second period, but neither teams scored. The fans would scream loudly and hysterically when their team came close to making a goal, but would be shortly followed by a disappointing ‘aw’ when they didn’t. Come third period, both teams continued to fight for a chance at the puck, and just when hope for another goal was almost lost, Indy Fuel foreword, Matt White brought the score to 2-0. Shortly after, Quad City foreword, Ryan Tesink, brought the score to 2-1.

With less than 60 seconds left in the  game, everyone was on the edge of their seats to find out who would be the winner of Saturday night’s game. In an intense countdown to 30 seconds, and Fuel players exhilarating last push to score, the Indy Fuel scored again with only 32 seconds left in the game, bringing the score to 3-1. The Indy Fuel had beat the Quad City Mallards for the second consecutive time With another victory under their belt, they lifted their hockey sticks in the air as a salute to the crowd.The Indy Fuel is set to play the Evansville Icemen in Evansville at 7:35 p.m. on January 29, and 30.