Top Five Best Films of 2015

While being quite late with my top 5 best movies of  2015, I was recently able to see many of the films I wasn’t able to see in the past few weeks. With seeing most of them now, I was able to compile the five best that came out.

#5. “The Martian


What really stood out to me was its tone. In the past few years, we have been given many space films with most of them having very dark and even depressing tones to them. This had a lot of humor and the film managed to bring more realism and better atmosphere.

This is without a doubt Matt Damon’s best film in a long time. He’s likable and funny, there wasn’t a moment that I didn’t enjoy his performance. The rest of the cast do great as well as the supporting characters helping Damon get back home.

At times the film can be pretty slow, and there is a large amount of time without Damon. Even with a few minor issues, director Ridley Scott and Matt Damon gave us a sci-fi film that other movies like “Gravity” and “Interstellar” wish they could have accomplished, and is one of the best sci-fi films out there.

#4. “Creed


With a series that probably should be retired now, “Creed” was able to both bring new light to the Rocky franchise while also being faithful to what made the series so memorable to begin with. It’s another underdog tale of a guy who wants to make something of himself, but done in a way that newer generations can enjoy for years to come.

Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone bring true heart into their characters and shows that this movie isn’t so much about the destination, but more the journey they have together. Being able to see Rocky Balboa is always fun because of his heart and determination.

If you have been turned off by the Rocky series for sometime, I would still highly advise seeing this entry. While it may be lacking in the originality department, the characters and story are too good to pass on, especially if it’s doing what made the original so great.

#3. “Straight Outta Compton

Straight Out 

Straight Out 

This movie was the biggest surprise of the year for me. This will go down as one of the great musical biopics. Everything here is done right and really brings the story of N.W.A. to the big screen with fantastic results.

Again, what makes this film so great is the cast. Getting people that are unknown yet frighteningly identical to their real life counterparts was a very smart move. They were as pitch perfect casting choice as a movie can get.

Every scene mattered and helped progress the story of N.W.A. It was energetic when it needed to be, sad and emotional to bring out the struggles of the characters; nothing felt out of place. The only thing that is a bit flawed is its pacing with both halves feeling different from each other, but still works in the end by the intriguing characters.

With an amazing ensemble cast, lots of energy, and great social message about our society today, “Straight Outta Compton” hits every mark a great biopic should, and is one I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

These next two are a complete toss-up because it was so difficult to think of which one deserves which spot. Both do things differently, but I love them both so much that either one can be my #1 spot in the end. But with that said:

#2. “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens”


With such negative feedback in the beginning, this movie had a lot to live up to. Could Disney make a good Star Wars movie? While a little concerned at first, I had faith with this movie since the release of it’s teaser trailer. I had never been excited to see a Star Wars movie until this one, and this movie mostly delivered.

This paid huge homage to the original movie back in 1977, and for the most part, pulled it off wonderfully. It brings similarities back to help older fans become more comfortable with the series return 32 years ago, while showing newcomers what it was like seeing “A New Hope” for the older generation.

Like “Creed,” this brings back a lot of what people loved about the series to begin with while also doing its own thing to continue the story. Most of the new characters are wonderful, the story feels necessary, and it leaves most people wanting more in the end. It brought back what made a good Star Wars film.

While it does have some big issues, this was the film of the year I had the most fun with. It brought me back to being a Star Wars fan again, and cannot wait for Episodes VIII & IX.

#1. “Inside Out”


Not only is this honestly the best written Pixar film ever, but this is the first time as a movie critic that I’ve wanted an animated film to win best picture in any awards show although it was snubbed at the Academy Awards.

“Inside Out” is what animated films do well. It has memorable characters, visuals, clever story and writing so that both kids and adults can enjoy together to be a great family, not something that is catered only to kids. The film hits bullseye in everything it’s trying to do.

This movie is honestly perfect and I wouldn’t change a single thing in it. This is the first time a movie has made me go see it again in theaters in a long time. If this is what Pixar was really working on during their dark times during the early-mid 2010’s, then this movie was definitely worth the wait.