Top Five Worst Films of 2015

Following my ‘Top Five Best Films of 2015’ is my top five worst. Most of these movies aren’t that bad, but are still worth noting because some of them were very disappointing. I also didn’t see some of the more popular movies like Pixels and Fifty Shades of Grey, so don’t expect any of those.

#5 Jurassic World


As a person who didn’t grow up as a Jurassic Park fan, I wasn’t too hyped for this. Just getting around to seeing the original this summer and ultimately not finding it that great, the bar was set low for Jurassic World, and it really didn’t impress me.

The best part of the movie is the set up because people are now able to see what Jurassic Park looks like as an actual park. And the concept of having the visitors be bored by real dinosaurs because of technology is also a clever idea.

Unfortunately, one of the things this film fails at is keeping the characters interesting. No one will remember any of them and they are less compelling than the characters in the original which weren’t even interesting there either.

The worst part of the movie is the CG on the dinosaurs. They are some of the worst CG dinosaurs ever and nothing makes them seem like they’re really there. These movies’ CG should be the most important part since it’s about seeing the dinosaurs.

Even though it isn’t a terrible movie, it is entertaining for a viewing, Jurassic World fails in terms of appealing to newer audiences and possibly even satisfying longtime fans.

#4. Minions


Like some animated films that have spin off movies (Puss in Boots, Penguins of Madagascar), Minions ultimately doesn’t do much with their supposively spin off worthy characters.

The minions from the Despicable Me series were the highlights from those movies because they were in it enough and in the right scenes to make them steal every scene, but definitely not interesting enough to get their own film. How can someone make a feature length movie about creatures that can’t even talk like the Minions?

They do get some good work out with their voice actors like Michael Keaton, Jon Hamm, and Sandra Bullock, but other than that (and really good animation), Minions is an example of a spin off movie gone wrong.

#3. Trainwreck


This is the movie where I am left wondering why everyone loves it because I honestly cannot stand Trainwreck. For how much praise this movie was getting from Amy Schumer’s “clever” writing, what I felt like I got was just another romantic comedy with just a little more raunchiness.

I feel like I’ve seen this done before in other and better romantic comedies. Amy Schumer does get props for writing this, but nothing more because the writing is not that clever in comparison to all the praise she is getting. She’s rising to become one of the great comedians and I just do not see it.

Comedies are very hard to do, but this one is a comedy where I just cannot get why it is getting so much attention. It probably wouldn’t be on the list here if it wasn’t in the long run, but as is, Trainwreck delivers nothing to the table in terms of clever writing and overall a memorable experience.

#2. The Good Dinosaur

Initially, I didn’t mind this movie that much when I first saw it. But the more I thought about it, this is one of the worst Pixar movies ever. The amount of unoriginality this movie has is unbelievable and just shows which Pixar movie really got the better staff.

There were so many movies I was reminded of when watching the beginning of the movie, and it never gives us an innovative idea. Even with Inside Out’s concept not being original either, it took its premise and made it innovative to where it was enjoyable. This movie takes its premise and puts it on autopilot the entire time.

The only good things the movie gives us is the boy, Spot,  because he’s the only character that sticks out and a scene where Spot and the dinosaur are explaining something without any words that makes it honestly a genuine scene.

Its animation is stellar, but even the animation is odd because the backgrounds and environments are incredible but then they take these super cartoonish characters and it really contrasts from each other and doesn’t mesh well with one another.

With just about everything being a huge waste of time, The Good Dinosaur isn’t even worth a viewing. This feels like something that would go straight to DVD and Blu-ray, not a theatrical release. Even the toddlers deserve something better than this.

#1. I Saw the Light


A movie that most likely no one has heard of, which is a good thing, I Saw the Light is a movie that does what every single musical biopic does. Have you seen Walk the Line? You’ve seen I Saw the Light. Have you seen Ray? You’ve seen I Saw the Light.

Aside from committed work from Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen, what they’re doing on screen is the same as every other romantic couple in musical biopics. It’s understandable since this probably did happen in real life, they just don’t make it engaging by saying stuff that really doesn’t grab the audience.

What really makes this movie drive home for me in terms of utter annoyance and even me wanting to walk out of the theater is it’s repetition that honestly true or not, gets very annoying and boring eventually. Hank Williams sings somewhere, then he gets drunk, then there’s a fight between him and his wife, then he cheats on her. Keep repeating that for the whole time and that’s the movie.

Repetition is definitely a theme on this list because I honestly cannot stand it if done badly, and I Saw the Light definitely hits home with that word.