What To Expect From Winterfest 2016

Image Courtesy of Drinkin.beer

Image Courtesy of Drinkin.beer

Over 100 breweries and 5000 people will come together for a four hour long celebration of craft beer. Saturday is the Eighth annual Brewer’s Guild of Indiana’s Winterfest. This festival gives beer fans a chance to find a new favorite, or to just drink as much as they humanly can.

More than 85 Indiana breweries will be present and providing drafts. The full roster list can be found here

The event is a chance for breweries to showcase upcoming beers, or just offer rare beers that won’t be released to the general public.

TheCampusCitizen.com spoke to marketing directors for Flat12 Bierworks and Sun King Breweries before the event. Flat12 opened five years ago and Sun King Breweries opened seven years ago. Both have been to the brewer’s guild for at least five years.

Beth Belange, marketing and promotions director for Sun King Brewing Co., explained the mixed crowds that attend the festival.

“Of course you’ve got your craft beer enthusiasts that are there because they love craft beer and they want to try the rarest things that are out there,” Belange said. “Then on the flip side of things you also have the individuals who are there because they want to drink as much beer as they humanly can. It almost seems that there is no in between.”

This sentiment was echoed by Valerie Green, marketing and events manager for Flat12 Bierworks. Simply put, she said, “people turn into animals at the end of it.”

Flat12 is known for bringing themes to their events. In the past they’ve done luchador concepts and bowling themes.

This year they are bringing out a game show theme concept to their booth located at C13. They will be playing games every hour on the half hour from 2:30 to 6:30. Stop by their booth to play games, win awards, and swag.

Along with games, Flat12 will be bringing 10 beers:

  • Dark Corner Pinko! Russian Imperial Stout aged in New Day Imperial Magpie Barrels (New Day is a local meadery located in Fountain Square)
  • Saison Trois French Saison with Brett
  • Nunning with the Devil Pin Nunmoere American Black Ale with Chipotles
  • Busta Rye Pale Session Pale ale with Sorachi Ace, Motuka, and Simcoe
  • Sadistic Beach Tropical IPA 6.66% ABV | 80 IBU (new!)
  • EastBrown & Down Oat Brown Ale
  • Deflator Doppelbock This Infamous Brew Makes its Return
  • Half Cycle IPA Revved Up single IPA, hopped like a double
  • Pogue's Run Porter Traditional Porter, roasty, malty, a fan favorite

Sun King Breweries will be bringing out all their house beers, their IPA’s ‘a fistful of hops’ and a few special barrel aged beers that they will be announcing every hour on the hour.

Most breweries will be giving out swag and stickers to help you remember just what it was that got you inebriated.

Regular tickets and early bird tickets are officially sold out for the event. Designated driver tickets are available for $10 and although you won’t be served beer you can drink all the coffee and water that you want. Although beer won’t be sold to DD’s you still must still be 21 to get in. Ticket information is available here

If you don’t have a ticket and still want to get involved with the Winterfest activities Flat12 is putting on a comedy show Friday. The show will be at Flat12 8:30-11 p.m. Stewart Huff is headlining and five other comics will be performing ticket information can be found here

Additional Winterfest information available at Drink Indiana Beer's Website.