IUPUI Cultural Arts Gallery Hosts Film Festival

From the event's Facebook page

From the event's Facebook page

IUPUI is hosting a student film festival ran by the Cultural Arts Gallery. The festival will take place Saturday, Nov. 12 in the Campus Center Theatre, where it will feature a wide variety of short films and two presentations of the 2016 feature-length horror thriller “Don’t Breathe,” one at 3:00 p.m. and another at 7:00 p.m. The festival will feature a plethora of short films, some directed by local filmmakers and others directed by students from IUPUI.

Lily Groot, the festival coordinator and Cultural Arts Gallery area manager, is excited to be able to plan out the event. Groot has a passion for filmmaking and is excited for the many things that will be featured at the festival.

“We've got some vibey art films, animation dramas, stop motions, horror flicks. It's pretty diverse, but I would categorize a lot of it as dark. Still, we've got some love stories and warm-hearted stories about family sprinkled in there to keep it light.”

And she is particularly excited for a film she made herself called “Fanboy,” which she sees as very personal and special to her as it both expresses her love of music and art and delves into her feelings about the city of Indianapolis.

“This piece is a personal statement about self-care and my own connection to music and art as a therapeutic tool,” Groot said. “Set to Nai Harvest's Buttercups, a song likely about a lover who is not comfortable committing to the person that they are with, I don't attribute these feelings to a romantic partner but rather my city and explore my own wanderlust-type feelings surrounding Indianapolis. Although I feel comfortable here, and there are wonderful things about it, I am in a constant state of feeling like I don't belong.”

Fellow Cultural Arts Gallery employee and filmmaker Zach Carrico is very happy that such an event is taking place because he feels that it’ll really help the students of IUPUI experience true art.

“IUPUI, I feel like, as the years pass is making progression of trying to help the art scene of Indianapolis,” Carrico said.

Carrico believes that this festival can really benefit the school by introducing the art of film to IUPUI students. As he talks about the future of the festival, he hopes that enough students will attend the event in order to warrant a second festival next year.

“The more foot traffic that comes in the more people will talk about this event and the more people will submit next year,” Carrico said. “I think it would be impact if we could keep this event going annually and getting submissions from a wide array of people.”

The short films that will be playing at the festival will be directed by a whole variety of filmmakers from not just all over Indianapolis, but also IUPUI, such as Groot and Carrico.

One such filmmaker from Indianapolis and IUPUI alumni, Mara Battiste, explained: “As an artist, my inspiration comes from so many different places. I am inspired by basic everyday experiences, fragments of dreams and daydreams, social interactions, popular culture, and visual and auditory stimuli in my environment.”

Battiste is particularly proud of a film of hers that will be featured at the festival called Birth of Venus, which she created during her time at the electronic and time-based art MFA program at Purdue University.

Now, with all this in mind, you may still be wondering why you should come to the festival at all and whether it’s worth it or not in the first place. Well, to answer that question and convince you, the readers, to attend this event, Lily Groot provides the answer.

“You should come because it's amazing that IUPUI is supporting students creating programming like this. The Student Activities Programming Board and the Campus Center have been working hard to develop a community on campus, come be a part of it,” Groot said. “Also because hanging out and watching films all day is a great way to spend a day, whether it be with a date, with a group of friends, or alone. Come absorb some cool stuff that will make your brain happy and distract you from the things that are stressing you out.”

The Cultural Arts Gallery Film Festival will be held this Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m at the Campus Center Theater.