Game Review: 100ft Robot Golf

What is it?

100ft Robot Golf is a golfing game available on Playstation 4 for $19.99. Developed by No Goblin, it offers four player split screen, online multiplayer, and leaderboards. 100ft Robot Golf also has a pretty funny story mode to play through.

What do you do?

This may seem redundant, but in 100ft Robot Golf you control 100 foot tall robots playing golf. This isn’t traditional golf where everyone takes turns teeing off though. In robot golf everyone runs the links at the same time and the winner is decided by whoever sinks their shot first instead of who does it in the least strokes.

Each robot has a unique ability that affects how you play them. One robot has a magnet ball that helps with shot accuracy while another gets a significantly stronger shot. They also have weapons so you can blow buildings out of the way of your shot. The weapons can be used to mess up opponents’ shots as well.

Is it fun?

100ft Robot Golf is a pretty good time. The golfing is fun and each robot has a different mini-game for their swing. Some robots use a traditional golf game approach where you press X once to start a meter that registers the strength and accuracy of your swing. Other robots have unique meters where you’ll need to apply the right amount of pressure to the triggers before taking your shot.

Still from the game

Still from the game

No Goblin is a small two-person developer and the production values for 100ft aren’t going to compete against AAA games, but instead of trying to hide this fact, No Goblin smartly turned it into a charming component of the game.

If you’re a fan of Adult Swim or absurd humor, then 100ft Robot Golf will have you cracking up. The story mode is presented as minimally animated anime style cutscenes with a campy story and dialogue to match. It’s very reminiscent of the show Sealab 2021. The commentators in the game are genuinely funny. Once I blew up a building and the commentator remarked that it wasn’t a big deal because the buildings tenants were racists.

The only real problem the game suffered from was an occasionally wonky camera. For most of the game the camera works fine, but there were a number of times when the camera couldn’t be maneuvered to give a good view of the hole. Surprisingly there wasn't a view to see the hole, but rather you can only see from where your robot is standing.

How’s the replay value?

100ft Robot Golf offers a lot of replay value to people who get into it. There are numerous leaderboards to compete to see who can complete holes the fastest or in the least strokes. There is a leaderboard for speed running every course at once too. It also has four player split-screen multiplayer for when you have friends over.

100ft Robot Golf also supports Playstation VR. When you play in VR you’re given the perspective of sitting on the robot’s shoulder. It’s nice that No Goblin included a VR mode and speaks volumes to how Sony is approaching developers to put VR in their games. The view in VR mode is more difficult to play, but the menus and cutscenes are cooler in VR.

A review copy of this game was provided to The Campus Citizen by the developer.