Game Review: Rez Infinite

What is it?

Rez Infinite is a remake of the classic on-rails shooter originally released in the US on the Playstation 2 in 2001. Described as a “psychedelic rail-shooter adventure” by developer Enhance Games, Rez puts the player in control of a wire-frame creature shooting their way through a computer super network while music pulsates around them. There’s also a virtual reality mode in the game.

What do you do?

It’s an on-rails shooter so the player honestly doesn’t do too much, but that’s not necessarily bad. Players shoot at enemies and fight bosses across five different levels. Enhance games created an entirely new level for Infinite called Area X, as well as a boss rush mode and online leaderboards.

The draw of Rez Infinite is the experience more than anything else. The gameplay itself is very simple. Players can lock onto up to eight enemies at a time and their shots add to the music playing around them. If you enjoy rhythm games or music based experiences, then Rez Infinite is the game to checkout.

Rez has been a cult favorite for years. While it’ll never receive the attention or accolades of games like Call of Duty, that hasn’t stopped it from appearing on consoles for the last three generations. Some people might be bored of Rez, but it’s highly recommended to try the game through virtual reality.

Rez on VR is incredible. The visuals are unlike any other game and there’s constantly something exciting to look at. Mix the music on top of the visuals and it’s like zipping through a computer’s dream. Gameplay is improved in virtual reality as well since players can aim by looking at targets which is much more accurate than using the joystick. It’s more exciting in VR too because the enemies are all around the player and they'll have to turn and find them.

Is it fun?

Rez is a great game and the update to Infinite has only made it better. The shooting mechanics work extremely well in virtual reality and it’s a blast to play. The sound design is superb with beats that match up to what’s happening on screen in a way that draws the players into the rhythm.

It’s a very standard game in terms of mechanics. There’s no control in movement, with players only using the cursor to aim. Each of the five zones ends with a boss fight and there aren’t any power-ups. Players gain health and become stronger, but the gameplay is more or less the same from start to finish.

How’s the replay value?

Rez Infinite has great replay value. There’s five zones which can be cleared pretty quickly, making it perfect for chasing high scores. The unparalleled style alone will draw most players back into Rez’s world.

Including a virtual reality mode in Rez Infinite was the best decision Enhance Games could have made. It should be viewed as a mandatory purchase for anyone with virtual reality. It’s a great way to show off VR and unlike anything else currently available in any media format. It’s $29.99 on the PlayStation Store, but spending an extra $10 can get a limited edition physical copy from

A review copy of this game was provided to The Campus Citizen by the developer.