A Night at The Rock Paper Scissors Indy City Championship

Rock, paper, scissors: the simple game that settles arguments, and wins bets. It’s all mostly done for leisure play- that is until the White Rabbit Cabaret got a hold of it!      

40 teams went hand to hand in the ultimate rock, paper, or scissors tournament in downtown’s White Rabbit Cabaret on Jan. 30.

The winning team received $500 cash, the Rock, Paper, Scissors championship trophy, and the ultimate bragging rights. The second place team received $250 cash, the best-dressed team wins $100 cash, and the winner of the RPS street-play wins $100 cash, plus a $50 bar tab.

What did the players have to do to win? Teams have to win a total of 5 rounds.The losing teams are eliminated each round until there is only one left standing.

So who did the White Rabbit Cabaret hire to take this simple game over the top? None other than the Muncie Brothers. For the second consecutive year, the Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament was hosted by Dorgan and Milroy Muncie. With one dressed up as a clown, and the other a mime, it’s almost impossible for these two brothers not to take any event past the limit of over-the-top fun  

Dorgan Muncie with the trophy, image from Twitter

Dorgan Muncie with the trophy, image from Twitter

“They came to us, and needed some energy,” Dorgan Muncie said. “They said, ‘We want to make this event special, and we want to have it at the White Rabbit’ and we said, ‘Where are your people? We got this.’”

This year, the Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament was sponsored by Goose Island, a brewery located in Chicago, Ill.

And one thing was for sure, this tournament was not short of people, or participants!

Participants and speculators dressed up in the wildest customs. While some teams chose the more extravagant route, others chose the simpler route, by just baring their team names, or the team they supported, on their shirts.

Mox Tops team image by Shekinah Ragland

Mox Tops team image by Shekinah Ragland

All participants and spectators are given five “Goose Bucks” at the door in exchange for the $5 they pay to get in. Goose bucks are fake money used to bet on teams, and participate in street play (sideline rock paper scissor matches that do not affect the actual tournament.) At the end of the night, the person who had the most Goose Bucks, wins $100 cash and a $50 bar tab.

“It’s a good way to add another element to the people who can’t be in the tournament,” Dorgan Muncie said.

So how does one win these tournaments? A winning team of the third round, We Play with Our Hands, had some suggestions. “It’s 90 percent mental,” Joe, a team member, said, “We watched YouTube videos, and trained.”

While We Play with Our Hands prepared for the fourth round, the Wet Pussy Police, another third round winner, had a different approach to the game.

“We play for leisure all the time, whenever we don’t want to do something, we play rock, paper, scissors,” Zach, Wet Pussy Police member, said. “There’s a little bit of strategy to it. Most guys will start out with rock, and so I usually start with paper. Victors are less likely to change what they’re going to do, but losers are more likely to change. So if they think that I’m going to change, and I don’t change, it throws them off. Some people watch the judge when they count down, but I watch my opponent when it’s count down, and kind of get an idea of what he’s going to do.”

The Krawl Daddies, who were also the best-dressed winners of the night, won their round by forfeit. But, of course, that didn’t dampen their shine any! Just like all in attendance the Krawl Daddies came to “party and have fun!”

The White Rabbit Cabaret also hosts a plethora of other events Tuesday through Saturday.