Are Bayonetta and Corrin Worthy Additions to Super Smash Bros?

The last of the downloadable content (DLC) for “Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS” was released Feb. 3. This batch most notably gave gamers two new characters, Bayonetta from “Bayonetta” and Corrin from the “Fire Emblem” series.

Bayonetta costs $5.99, which includes her stage “Umbra Clock Tower.” Corrin is only $4.99.

Campus Citizen Writer Coleton Emmel and Editor-in-Chief David Schroeder came together to see how these characters play and whether or not they’re worth the download.

Play Style:  

Bayonetta is the main character from her own series of games, “Bayonetta,” which are 3D action beat-em-up games.

Between the two new characters, Bayonetta plays the most differently from the existing characters. She can use her hair to create fists and feet in order to land heavier blows to her enemies, and she can perform a sliding lunge that can quickly hit others from a farther distance.

Her “witch time” counter is very handy but perhaps a bit over-powered. When she activates the move, the opposing player will not only miss the hit, but they will also be slowed down such that she can come in for a powerful strike. With that move and the proper skills, Bayonetta’s counter is one of the most powerful counter in the whole game.

Unfortunately, Bayonetta’s biggest issue is her recovery time. If she doesn’t land a hit on her foes, she is left wide open for an attack. She’s like a heavy-type character in that regard, but she can still run at a decent pace (comparable to Mario’s speed).

Corrin is a blast to play. Corrin is a “Fire Emblem” character and that shows in Corrin's movement speed and move set. While Corrin’s side attacks have impressive range, the up-smash works similarly to Mega Man's, except its hitbox is much smaller and doesn’t scoop opponents into it.

Corrin's jumping neutral A is a nice defensive move that causes Corrin to swing a pair of swords like a windmill . This move will stop fireballs and has nice reach, so it’s useful to mix up your attacks with.

Corrin's neutral special is a projectile that stuns its target when it hits them, similar to how Zero Suit Samus's phaser works, except Corrin's projectile can cover the entire stage when fully charged. After the shot is fired, holding the special attack longer results in a powerful close-range melee attack. This is excellent for countering a player who is trying to jump over your projectiles to get close and attack.

Corrin's special attacks are what really sets Corrin apart from the other fighters already in the game. Corrin's up-special makes Corrin turn into a dragon and fly upward. While the move causes damage, it doesn't cause a significant amount, so the up-special will primarily be used for recovering after being knocked off the stage.

Corrin's side-special is pretty unique. It causes Corrin to do a low jump forward and, upon pressing B again, Corrin stabs a sword at a downward angle towards the opponent. If timed right, Corrin will stick the sword in the ground and then use it to propel horizontally with a dash kick.

Easily the most controversial aspect of Corrin is the down-special, which is a counter attack. This move is controversial because, while it is mechanically the same as any other counter in “Smash,” its knockout power is unparalleled.

Since Corrin's release, online “Smash Bros.” communities have been rife with players posting videos of Corrin's counter KO’ing them at low percentages accompanied by a call for Nintendo to nerf the move.

Are They Worth It?


Fans have hoped Bayonetta would be added to the roster since Nintendo announced  fans would be able to choose what other fighters they want in the game. She makes her way into the world of “Smash Bros.” quite well, especially since her second title was a Nintendo exclusive.

Ironically, Corrin is one who doesn’t really need to be in the game. For one, there are already enough “Fire Emblem” characters in the game, and the series is not popular enough for five of them to be in “Smash.”

And, even though he plays well--even better than Bayonetta-- he is still unnecessary.

For the price tags, both Bayonetta and Corrin are worth the money.


It's easy to see why Nintendo chose Corrin as one of the final DLC characters. By adding Corrin--Nintendo’s newest protagonist--to “Smash 4,” Nintendo is literally selling marketing material. Nintendo has also put an increased focused on growing its female audience by having characters such as Robin and Wii Fit Trainer have both a male and female version that attract everyone. Corrin also has a male and female version.

While Corrin is my favorite of the two, Bayonetta is still a very fun character to play. Her movement and recovery speed leave a lot to be desired, but her easy-to-use combo game and edge defense make up for that. The inclusion of original Bayonetta and short-haired Bayonetta as a palette swap is great fan service.

While $11 may seem steep for two fighters, this is quality downloadable content that was produced post-release and is the result of fan input.

In the end, it is all a matter of preference. Do you like having all of the DLC characters, or do you only want them in terms of true value from those characters? Decide for yourself, and hopefully it’s the right choice for you.