IUPUI Head Coach Gardner Bad Sportsmanship after 80-77 Victory over IPFW

It has been reported from multiple sources that second year head coach Jason Gardner jumped onto the scorer’s table in celebration after the game as well as yelled obscenities.

All this began going on while the IPFW players were trying to shake hands. 



We were also told an assistant coach from IPFW can be seen calling Gardner an ass and the two continuing in an argument.

Randy Spieth, a local videographer at the game, said "It looked like the assistant coach form IPFW called him [Gardner] and ass and Gardner got mad."

"It was obvious the assistant coach said something. His mouth clearly moved," said Spieth. "And what he said caused Gardner to stop and go back and say something to him [the IPFW assistant coach]. The IUPUI players put their arms around Gardner to calm him down like telling him to calm down or don't worry about it."

Gardner later released a statement apologizing about his actions and that he will personally apologize to IPFW Head Coach Jon Coffman. 

We will continue to update as details become available. If you have any information please comment below.