IUPUI to Hold Month Long Triathlon

IUPUI will hold its first Iron Jag triathlon event next month.  

The Iron Jag is a month long event that will involve running or walking, biking, and swimming. Participants will have the entire month of April to complete the distances, which include a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run.

The Iron Jag is being hosted by the Office of Health and Wellness Promotion and the Campus Recreation Center.

“We didn’t want to do a traditional event,” Matt Jones, one of the creators of the event, said. “You can find a 5K every weekend in Indianapolis.”

Iron Jag is modeled after more traditional Ironman triathlons that feature a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bicycle ride, and a 26 mile run. Unlike the Iron Jag, Ironman triathlons must be completed in 16 hours and 50 minutes.

Those who participate in the event do not have to use campus facilities, but it is encouraged by the offices hosting the triathlon. Students that do not have a membership to the fitness facilities on campus can still use the buildings, as it’s included in the registration fee.

“We have access to spin bikes, and we have treadmills and ellipticals,” Jones said. “Our hope is to get more people involved in the programming aspect of it, so that they have a better understanding of what we’re able to provide with Health and Wellness Promotion and Campus Recreation.”

Students, faculty, and staff can all participate. The registration fee is $20, and includes a T-shirt, use of campus facilities, a water bottle, and access to different workshops held throughout the month. Those who complete the triathlon will be given a medal.

According to the creators, if the event is successful, future Iron Jag events could potentially be held every semester.

People of all fitness levels can take part in the triathlon. The Iron Jag focuses on finishing the distances, rather than focusing on completion times.

“When people hear triathlon, they get nervous,” Emily Werner,co-creator of the Iron Jag, said. “This is meant to motivate people that have never done a triathlon, since they have a month to get up to those distances.”

There will be three different workshops held throughout April that will focus on the different aspects of the triathlon. The month will be divided up so that different weeks have a focus on each sport. BGI Fitness will provide spin bikes for participants to try out during the biking weeks. During the last two weeks when there is a focus on running, the track at Carroll Stadium will be open to participants so that they can use the facility.

Since the event is a month long individual event, participants will have to find a method to keep track of their distances. There are several different apps that people can use, but Runkeeper is the app that the Iron Jag creators suggest participants use. The app tracks running, biking, and swimming, and can be used for all fitness levels. People who do not want to download an app can access Runkeeper online.

Registration can be accessed online but the registration fee can be paid at the Campus Recreation Office in the Natatorium. People can sign up through March 31 at 5 p.m.