Wrangling Meridian Street After Turning 21

When junior year rolls around for college students it isn’t just the year that they’re finally taking classes in their major, it’s also the year that a typical college student turns 21. It’s the year that their drinking activities become legal and Indianapolis nightlife becomes available to them.

“I was excited to turn 21 because obviously I could drink alcohol now,” Emily Harper, IUPUI junior said. “But it was more about the new atmosphere I was going to get to experience. It doesn’t seem like there is much to do in Indy but once I reached that milestone, a whole new world opened up for me.”

Meridian Street is known for its nightclubs that attract crowds of college students. There are six main bars and nightclubs most popular for students on the street; Kilroy’s, Blu, Taps and Dolls, Howl at the Moon, Tiki Bob’s, and Bartini’s. Each bar has specials to adhere to the shallow pockets of college students.



Kilroy’s: $3 wells, $3 pints, $3 Captain Morgan, $3 Jameson, $4 signature shots

Taps and Dolls: “Buck Off, It’s Monday”- dollar off all booze

Bartini’s: Happy Hour 4pm-7pm ½ off domestic draft, ½ wine by the glass

Kilroy’s is the sports bar of the six. They’re known mainly for their popularity in college towns, Kilroy’s on Kirkwood (KOK) is the liveliest bar in Bloomington. As well as being infamous for their pepperoni cheese-filled breadsticks that are coming out of the kitchen every minute, their Long Island Iced Teas come in several flavors ranging from blueberry to peach. Wednesdays are their busiest days because all drinks are half-priced including pitchers that are usually $10.



Kilroy’s: $4 Three Olives, $4 El Jimador, $4 Jacks, $2 bottle beer, $2 wells

Blu: $2 Pbr, $2 Jager

Taps and Dolls: $2.50 domestic pints, $3 well

Bartini’s: Happy Hour 4pm-7pm ½ off domestic draft, ½ wine by the glass, $2.50 Corona, $5 margaritas

Taps and Dolls is the most popular club on Meridian, because it has four levels. The lowest level has an arcade and the first floor is the main entrance. The second floor looks like any typical bar with flat screen TV’s, bar stools, and pool tables. Then the highest level, Sky Bar, plays mainstream music, has three bars, and two dance floors that are always packed on Saturday nights.

“Out of all the clubs to go downtown Taps and Dolls is my favorite,” Zane West, IUPUI senior said. “The music and the lights going makes it a crazy fun environment that is steady poppin’. I like all the bars on the third floor because it doesn’t take nearly as long to get a drink as it does at other clubs.”



Kilroy’s: ½ priced drinks

Blu: $3 Domestic, $3 Jager, $5 Patron

Taps and Dolls: $3.50 craft and premium pints

Bartini’s: Happy Hour all night ½ off domestic draft, ½ wine by the glass

Howl at the Moon is  a piano bar, known for having live music that people can sing along to. Of all of the bars this one is the most laid back and has a variety of ages going there. On Thursdays they have ‘dollar beer nights’ and draws in the most college students on this day.



Kilroy’s: $4 Ketel One Vodka, $3 Bacardi, $4 shooters, $3 pints, $3 wells

Blu: $1 draft, $3 Svedka, $3 Jager, $4 Jager bombs, $4 Jack Fire

Taps and Dolls: $3 Long Islands, $3 UV bombs

Howl at the Moon: $1 Coors and Miller Lite, $5 Jacks, $3 well

Tiki Bob’s: $2.50 addiction cup, $3 well, $3 domestic

Bartini’s: Happy Hour 4pm-7pm ½ off domestic draft, ½ wine by the glass

Tiki Bob’s is quickly becoming one of the most popular clubs for college students right behind Taps and Dolls because of their summer shows. Including one going on this Saturday, April 2. There is going to be a live performance by Milk n Cooks and Conart.



Kilroy’s: $5 Jager, $5 Deep Eddy’s Vodka, $3 Coors

Blu: $3 Svedka, $3 Miller Lite draft, $3 Jager

Taps and Dolls: Manager’s Special

Howl at the Moon: $3.75 Sun King, Cruzan, Sauza, Jim Beam, Pinnacle, $8 Long Island Bones, $5 Jacks

Tiki Bob’s: $3 Svedka, $3 Jager, $3 Miller Lite

Bartini’s: Happy Hour 4pm-7pm ½ off domestic draft, ½ wine by the glass

Bartini’s is more upscale. Bartini’s VIP is the place to pregame before going to more crowded clubs. It’s attached to Cadillac Ranch so people can go back and forth between a rodeo and a classy club.



Kilroy’s: $4 Sierra Nevada pints, $6 Grey Goose, $5 Jacks

Blu: $5 Grey Goose Cocktails, $5 Jager

Taps and Dolls: $5 Bacardi, $5 Jim Beam, $6 Patron

Howl at the Moon: $19 beer buckets

Tiki Bob’s: Manager’s Special

Bartini’s: Manager’s Special

Blu was voted by IndyChannel’s A-List in 2007 as “Favorite Trendy Bar.”  Blu’s atmosphere is equivalent to a nightclub in Miami. There are different places in the club where you can be rocking it out on the dance floor with your friends or in a private room to pop bottles.



Kilroy’s: $5 Mimosas, $5 Stoli Bloody Mary’s, $5 Jim Beam

Blu: $5 Miller Lite pitcher, $3 well, $5 Cîroc Cocktails

Taps and Dolls: $5 pitchers of Taps Brew, $3 UV bombs

Bartini’s: Manager’s Special

“I started working at Kilroys when I was freshly 21 and couldn’t believe how many students I saw there almost every night from IUPUI,” Lexi Jones, IUPUI senior said. “I thought drinking was just for the weekend, but especially on Wednesdays everyone wants to come in for half-priced drinks and there is never a dull moment.”

Every night some bars don’t have specials, but specials attract more people on certain days, and it works. Manager’s Specials can vary from week to week and managers choose what the specials are going to be that night.

Howl at the Moon is also known for giving free college entry with your student ID, as well as most bars will give you free entry (if they don’t already have a cover) if you work in the service industry and can show them a recent schedule on your phone.

Among other freedoms you get when turning 21, legal drinking is the biggest perk.