Collier v. Sope Moves Forward to Appeal Hearing

The Supreme Court of Student Governance at IUPUI has decided to hear the appeal in Collier v. Sope. The hearing will take place 8:00 a.m. Saturday, April 2 in room 202 of the Engineering and Technology Building.

The Undergraduate Student Government has filed their appeal reply brief which you can read here. The brief explains why the USG feels the punishment it issued was sufficient and justified. The USG believes Sope and Thompson violated the campaigning rules and encouraged others to violate it on their behalf.

This hearing will decide whether the penalties levied against Sope and Thompson will stand or not. After receiving a total of eight sanction points over the course of their presidential campaign, Sope and Thompson were disqualified from the race by the USG elections committee. This disqualification came after Sope and Thompson won the election by more than 30 votes.

If the court rules in Sope and Thompson’s favor then their victory will be reinstated and they will be the 2016-2017 USG president and vice president. If the court rules against them, then the losing ticket of Chaz Rhoutsong and Jay Johnson will be declared the winners.

The Campus Citizen will be live from the hearing to keep you updated. Follow @CampusCitizen for the latest news from the hearing.