Fountain Square Music Festival Preview

The Fountain Square Music Festival is coming back for it’s fourth year with a new date, a different setup, and a lot of local talent.

Unlike last year, the festival will be held from March 25 to the 26 in venues located around Fountain Square. Executive director Adam Pedersen explained why such big changes are being made to this year’s fest.  

“We decided to move it indoors primarily because Fountain Square has so many great venues already,” he said. “We wanted to kind of highlight what is happening in the community through our venues.”

The acts will perform in the famous Fountain Square Theater, The Hi-Fi, White Rabbit Cabaret, and Pioneer. These four stages are for the 21 and over crowd and ticketed at $37 for a single day or $65 for both.

While most of the performances are catered towards the older crowd, there will be something for everyone to do during the festival. There will be other stages running by the festival's side that will have acts for audiences of all ages.

there will be an area of Fountain Square where folk and world music will be performed. He also said that Kuma’s Corner will have a free, all-age metal stage on March 26. The Hoosier Dome will host a few shows during the weekend for all ages. The tickets for Dome shows will be $5.

In the four Fountain Square venues there will be local acts such as the precious Lil Bub, Ghost Gun Summers, Andy D, and Flaco, along with national performers like Andrew W.K. the ultimate partier, and former Sonic Youth vocalist Thurston Moore.

Expect a party at Fountain Square Theater with the one and only Andrew W.K. and his whole band on the 25.

“We always come with a focus on partying and giving it all we have for our set,” W.K. said. “We’re just going to give it everything we have and play our hearts out.”

W.K. is most famously connected to Indiana by working with Lil Bub on their Animal Planet music video, “Star Party Animal.”

When asked if the two would make an appearance together, W.K. said, “Oh, I don’t know, but I look forward to seeing her and at least get to look into her eyes.”

Half of the money made from ticket sales will go to Musical Family Tree, which helps upcoming bands spread their music throughout the state, and Girls Rock,  which works with girls and guide them in understanding the power of music.

“We just want to really promote what is going on in the Indianapolis music scene and those two really establish great places that we just thought partnered perfectly together,” Pedersen said.

One thing to look forward  to is the amount of great Indiana music coming together to highlight the talent and community that the music scene has to offer.

“I think I’m looking forward to all these inner connections that we have in Indianapolis. People are recognizing us and they know where Fountain Square is, so as a music festival we want to create more of the music scene,” Pedersen said.

“The identity of the music versus the identity of the community. They go hand in hand.”

Festival attendees are sure to experience a whole array of musical acts. Fountain Square will be offering listeners a wide array of genres; hip-hop, folk, indie, rock, jazz, punk, metal and more. With the amount of genius coming together at the Fountain Square Music Festival, everyone will find new local talent to fall in love with and start supporting.

Tickets available here.