Goals to Make Jagathon 2016 One for the Books

Members of the Graduate Professional Student Government are known for their participation in a plethora of philanthropic programs and organizations. Recently, GPSG has been hard at work helping to raise money for this year's Jagathon. Though they have made significant contributions to Jagathon in the past, members say that this year they aim to raise more money than they ever have before.

From the looks of things, this goal GPSG has set for themselves might not be too far out of reach.

On February 12th, GPSG published a tweet stating that so far they had raised more than $8,000 with hopes of making it to $10,000. With no sign of slowing their efforts since then, it appears that GPSG may claim a spot as one of Jagathon’s leading contributors.

GPSG initially committed a $3,000 donation from their own budget to Jagathon and have been expanding that amount over the past few months. Through partnerships, contribution matching, as well as their own fundraising tactics, GPSG is helping Jagathon raise as much money as possible.

Back in January, GPSG met with Jagathon to discuss the possibilities of forming a partnership that would allow GPSG to aid Jagathon with fundraising. Jagathon mentioned that they would be hosting a ‘Day of Miracles’ challenge on the 29th in hopes of raising $24,000 in 24 hours.

It was proposed that on the Day of Miracles, one hour would be set aside and for every donation made in that hour, GPSG would match contributions up to a $4,000 limit.

The Day of Miracles was a huge success. Jagathon received hundreds of donations and a matching contribution of $4,000 from the GPSG. Jagathon ended up exceeding their goal, raising $24,531.11.

The GPSG has also helped Jagathon through their own fundraising efforts.

“We met with Blake [Milakis] and Stacy [Blanton], the two people who run Chartwells on IUPUI’s campus, and they agreed to allow us to put out buckets for Riley kids at all 13 Chartwell locations,” GPSG Treasurer, Matt Lawson said. “And with those buckets alone, we’ve raised over $1,500.”

Lawson stated that he had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of nine and that raising money for Riley kids has a bit of a personal meaning to him.

Even though Jagathon takes place this Saturday, it is not too late to make some last minute contributions.

“If students want to help, put money in the buckets, tell people about the buckets, sign up for Jagathon, it’s only $25 to participate. You can get involved, which is super important and it's for a good cause,” Lawson said.

Undergraduate Student Government (USG) member Sierra Lee expressed through an email how important getting involved with Jagathon is. Like Lawson, Lee has been personally affected by Riley’s mission.

“I have been a Riley kid my whole life, so I love talking about raising money for a hospital that has impacted me since birth.”

Outside of being Director of Social Media and Marketing for USG, Lee is also a member of Phi Mu fraternity here at IUPUI. For the past few years, Phi Mu has topped the charts when it comes to raising money for Jagathon. Their fundraising events range from pancake breakfasts, to a 36 hour long Teeter-Totter-A-Thon, and last year these events helped Phi Mu raise over $6,500 for Jagathon.

“This year, we want to raise more than we ever have before,” Lee said.

According to Lawson, Phi Mu has repeatedly won the Jagathon fundraising competition by raising more money than any other student organization.

“It’s all in good spirit and it incentivises fundraising, but I’m hoping GPSG beats Phi Mu in the Jagathon fundraising competition this year,” Lawson said.

With high goals being set by some of IUPUI’s leading student organizations, the outlook for Jagathon 2016 might just be record breaking.