Sylvester Stallone Still Oscarless

Even if you create one of the most iconic characters in film, you aren’t guaranteed an Oscar. One of the biggest surprises at this year’s 88th Academy Awards was Mark Rylance’s win for best supporting actor in “Bridge of Spies.” Many, including myself, were hoping Sylvester Stallone would win for his role as Rocky Balboa in “Creed,” but Stallone was left empty-handed again.

This was the most upsetting loss I’ve ever seen in an Oscar show since I started watching back in 2012. Stallone has made one of the most well known movie characters of all time, and yet he’s never won a single Oscar. It took him 40 years to come back to the award show, so it’s much more heartbreaking to see him come back with nothing.

Photo Via Sylvester Stallone Facebook Page: 

Photo Via Sylvester Stallone Facebook Page: 

There was sentimentality attached to him this year for reprising his role as Rocky Balboa, but apparently it wasn’t enough for him to earn the golden statue. It’s saddening, because his performance in “Creed” outshined all the other Rocky films. He was able to combine all the history of his character to create a man who’s been through so much in so many years.

Mark Rylance’s win overall is not upsetting because it’s not that he didn’t do a good job, he did an excellent performance in “Bridge of Spies” and was a fair win. But to see Stallone go up there after all those years would’ve been much more satisfying.

Stallone is one of the most inspiring stars out there, mainly because of “Rocky.” It was seen as a movie that wouldn’t be successful because studios thought he was too unknown at the time. United Artists liked his script but didn’t want him to be in the lead role. Stallone appealed the offer so he would be able to star in his movie.

Stallone would later get producers Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff from the same studio to produce his film, given the budget was kept low. The two producers would even have to invest  a lot of their own money to get “Rocky” made. They got all their money back and then some from the success of the movie.

“Rocky” is seen as the Underdog film and one of the greatest sports dramas to be made, winning Best Picture at the 49th Academy Awards. But like this year’s Oscars, Stallone went home without the golden statue. And for years he’s made countless sequels of “Rocky” and other projects that never got much appreciation.

His films, other than a few of the “Rocky” and “Rambo” movies, have been criticized by critics and fans. While those films aren’t especially great, no one seems to really appreciate Stallone and who is he and what he’s done.

Stallone was born with a severed nerve that paralyzed the lower area of his face including his chin, lip, and tongue. This resulted in a speech impediment and makes him difficult to understand at times. Because of this, he already has a disadvantage compared to other actors because of his limited capabilities, yet he has managed to overcome that to be an exceptional actor.

I was born with a cleft palate that makes me not speak completely clear and also causes physical changes with my lip. Having this gives me a disadvantage compared to those who have unharmed physical appearances in the world we live in where looks can matter.

I want to pursue a career in the film industry, and Stallone inspires me to believe in myself and to never give up on my dreams, like he did. And that gives a great outlook on life for anyone who feel the same way as I do.

At this year’s Golden Globes, Stallone won best supporting actor in a motion picture for “Creed” and it received the loudest applause at the awards show (alongside Leonardo DiCaprio’s win). All of the major stars like Will Smith, Jonah Hill, and Quentin Tarantino all gave an immediate standing ovation to the actor with thunderous cheers. It was very satisfying to see him earn his first Golden Globe.

Not too long after the Oscar show, Stallone posted on Instagram, and said, “To all the ‘real Rocky's’ of the world, Please hang on to your dreams, NEVER GIVE IN , NEVER GIVE OUT , NEVER GIVE UP! Thanks for the support.”

Even with many fans, including me, being upset about his loss, he’s being very respectable about all of this. including a post congratulating Rylance.

It’s a scary thought to bring up the question if he can’t even win for the role that put him on the map, then what does he have to do to earn that prestigious award? He’s got the talent to be in a good drama, so hopefully he can come back with a role that can finally win him his first Oscar. But in the end, no matter what award he earns, he’ll always be a champion and the one who made the defining underdog.