Jagapalooza Celebrates its Fourth Year

IUPUI is preparing for a week long celebration before finals. Jagapalooza kicks off its fourth year April 22 and finishes with a carnival in lot 58 (in front of the Campus Center) April 29.

IUPUI first celebrated Jagapalooza in 2012 as a bookend for the school year, thought up by then Chancellor Dr. Davenport. The idea was to add a fourth tradition for Jaguars, alongside the Regatta, homecoming, and Jagathon.

Previous years Jagapalooza has had smaller events that were all free, including a battle of the bands and a zip line.

This year’s carnival theme couldn’t be entirely free as they were unable to buy out the games. The games and carnival rides will have a fee. The carnival rides are being rented from Poor Jack Amusements, including 1001 Nachts, Loop-O-Plane, Orbiter, Rock-O-Plane, Sizzler, Vertigo, and a 90’ long slide.

Lot 58 will close down the night of April 27 and stay closed until after the end of Jagapalooza.

The carnival will feature free activities including RC car NASCAR style racing, face painting, and caricature drawing.

Four food trucks will come out with under $5 menus to keep it cheaper for students. Elephant ears, funnel cakes, and other fair foods will be sold.

Before the carnival, there will be six days full of activities for students to participate in. Activities include a “Family Feud” style game, screen printing T-shirts, and a screening of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” All events during the week are free because students pay a general fee at the beginning of the year for this event.

Jared Owens is the director for Jagapalooza and the president for the Student Activities Programming Boards.

“All events are free, no need to charge people any more money,” Owens said.

Chartwells has teamed up with Jagapalooza to put on an eating competition. This event is not  only free, but the weight of food that is eaten will be donated to Paws Pantry on campus. The foods for the contest will be ice cream, pasta and red sauce, and corn on the cob for an Indiana connection.

IUPUI alumnus Brian Getz will return to do a balloon sculpture of the Jaguar in the Campus Center on April 28. He will start on the sculpture early in the morning and will stick around to make balloons for students in the Campus Center later in the day.

This isn’t Getz’s first time creating art for IUPUI. In 2007, he did the IUPUI logo for the opening of the Campus Center. He felt that he didn’t do the best job before and said he is, “looking forward to redeeming himself.”

Getz is best known as the world record holder for the largest modeling balloon sculpture by a team for his sculpture titled “Dragonfly” that was housed in the Indiana State Museum in 2015, which featured 6,813 balloons.

Brian Getz world record holding sculpture, photo from prettyfunnyballoons.com

Brian Getz world record holding sculpture, photo from prettyfunnyballoons.com

The full-time balloon artist has been creating balloon art since he was a kid.

“I got a kit for christmas thinking it would make a cool hobby, it turned into a cool job, which turned into a cool career,” Getz said.

Last year, Jagapalooza brought out 1,100 people and this year Owens is hoping to double that.

“Our hope is to always continue to grow, [Jagapalooza] is a young tradition and we took a big step this year,” Owens said.

His advice is for everyone to their JagTag and be prepared to sign a waiver to be able to get into the carnival faster.

“Jagapalooza is the end of the year celebration for the students, staff, and faculty to get together for a last harrah. It’s been through many different phases but this phase is what the original idea was, to have a huge carnival. We’ve grown into the point where it can be a sustainable carnival and have students come together. The goal is to make it as free and fun for students as possible.”

More information is available here.