Review: Blackfoot Gypsies and Jay Elliot at Joyful Noise

On Monday morning, I just happened to be perusing Facebook and looking for some sort of show to attend when I noticed a post that read “(Free) Blackfoot Gypsies & Jay Elliot @Joyful Noise.” I checked out both bands, wanting to know what I was going to get myself into for the evening. The metalhead in me was more than nervous to escape my comfort zone, but my inner music lover was stoked.

Blackfoot playing at SXSW (South by Southwest), photo taken from Facebook

Blackfoot playing at SXSW (South by Southwest), photo taken from Facebook

I went out to Fountain Square around seven p.m. to scope out Joyful Noise Recordings, since I’ve never been, and I saw some funky looking dudes walking around the neighborhood who looked like they were straight from the ‘70s. Together, they were sporting wide-brim western styled hats, feathers, ponchos, suede vests; just genuinely looking like rock stars. “That has to be the band,” I thought.

My hunch was right.

Eight p.m. rolled around, and I figured it was time to find a spot in the venue and get ready for an interesting show. I was standing around, wondering what was going on. No one was on stage, there was barely anyone in the audience and the members of Blackfoot Gypsies were just kicking it near the records. Maybe I’m early, maybe they’re just on rock ’n’ roll time. And of course, it was the latter.

Finally, after a good thirty minutes, three guys walk onto the stage it was Jay Elliot and his band. They gave an ordinary performance. It came off as a few musicians who just decided to jam together. Elliot’s singing was pretty solid. He was able to hit a range of notes and give gentle, yet powerful tunes from his guitar. Elliot also sung in an effect mic to give his songs a bit more dynamics.

I thought that their stage presence was lacking, but that may have been what the band was going for. Or, maybe they don’t typically play together and haven’t found their vibe. During the show, Elliot sung his single “How to be a Man,” and did a fairly good job.

Blackfoot Gypsies began walking back into the venue and I started getting pumped. I hadn’t even heard of these guys before that day, but I knew I was in for a spectacular show.

I wasn’t wrong!

Audience members started pouring in and a party began.

The bluesy, hometown country infused music coming from the band had took Joyful Noise back a few decades and turned it into a .bustling pub. The keg was flowing with beer and audience members danced the night away.

Taken from Facebook.

Taken from Facebook.

Harmonica player, Ollie Dogg, laid down some tunes throughout each song, giving the rock ’n’ roll act a dirty blues effect, and Zack Murphey’s drumming kept the music running as he wildly beat his set throughout the show. Lead singer Paige and Whitlow’s vocals added the great Nashville style quality to their sound and Paige’s enthusiasm made the crowd go wild. Paige would jump around the stage and fall to the floor and shred on his hollowbody. I was a bit disappointed that Paige’s mic was a lot lower than the bassist, Whitlow’s, but that wasn’t their fault and it did not deter their exciting performance.  

Their performance, accents, clothes and especially their music made for a show that anyone could fall in love with. As someone who wouldn’t typically listen to this sort of music, they’ve definitely gained a fan.