Hoosier Artists Bring Color and Movement to Penrod 2016

An alternating scene of gray casted sprinkles and sweltering, direct-sunlight did not hinder Somerset CPAs and Advisors 50th annual Penrod Arts Fair, which featured over 300 artists from the Central Indiana area. Speaking with a handful of the artist provided a look into the creative process of local talent within Indy.

Teaching elementary art for 39 years provided James Connolly with the inspiration to produce interactive glass sculptures that have as much color and personality as the students he taught. The idea began with basic, paper compositions, which evolved into Connolly cutting clear glass pieces and spray-painting them to create vibrant patterns. “The faces are ideas that I’ve worked on or have in my head, and then sit down and play with,” Connolly said, “I want them to feel full.”  


Growing up in a “big-metal town” in Birmingham, Alabama, William Colburn began experimenting with cutting metal shapes via plasma torch and wielding them together to create whimsical 3-D sculptures. Colburn creates many different pieces in his space, Iron Age Studio. The process is often hazardous Colburn explained, “I almost cut my pinky off.”


Brian Phillips creates collage portraits of clients’ canine companions through layers acrylic paint and paper. The motion and personality of the dogs keep Phillips entertained while he works about a month on each piece, combining color and texture to create movement within the composition. “I try to avoid the static, say-cheese-type portraiture,” Phillips said, “I like to show the dogs’ personality.”



For more information on the artists mentioned and the Somerset CPAs and Advisors Penrod Arts Fair, visit http://www.penrod.org.