Column: What to Expect from the Colts after Week 3

After taking some time to process what took place Sunday:

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The Colts avoided an 0-3 start on the one hand is great, meaning that there’s still hope for the rest of the season. Based on the quality of the play I witnessed however, this Colts team will be lucky to even reach the Wild Card.

My question is, what in the world happened?

Just two years ago the Colts were in Super Bowl contention. I can’t fathom – or even remember – how they got to the AFC Championship game that year. But at least they didn’t look like the dumpster fire they are now.

Last year, Andrew Luck played his heart out. He played so hard he hurt himself. Of course, having an abysmal offensive line doesn’t exactly help in protecting Luck either. So, it was time for 40-year-old Matt Hasselbeck to step up and keep the Colts’ playoff hopes alive.

What happened then? Hasselbeck got hurt. Then Charlie Whitehurst came in, only to get hurt. Former Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman was brought in and guess what? He also got hurt.

Think about that for a moment. I just listed several quarterbacks that took snaps for the Colts during the regular season last year. What ended up happening there? The Colts missed the playoffs.

Do you know who won the AFC South last season? A Houston Texans team that started Brian Hoyer at quarterback and were destroyed at home in the Wildcard round to the Kansas City Chiefs.  

After that entire disastrous season which included the Colts’ first loss at home to the Texans since they became a team in 2002 plus the Jaguars dropping 50 points on the Colts in Jacksonville late in the season, absolutely nothing has changed.

In fact, things look worse.

Andrew Luck looks as though he’s regressed. He’s trying too hard and he’s having to carry the entire team on his back just to avoid looking bad.

Image courtesy of NFL

Image courtesy of NFL

Even if Andrew Luck is regressing, that’s no excuse for the Colts to look this bad.

Last season was a disaster. No question whatsoever. But what did the organization do about it over the offseason?


Nothing has changed. The offensive line still looks bad. The defensive line – no, the defense as a whole – still looks bad. The receiving core is solid but even that’s somewhat of a debatable statement.

Also, the Grigson/Pagano era is still going long after its usefulness. Yes, I understand. Pagano is a feel-good story. He beat cancer and won the hearts of the city of Indianapolis.

Let’s face it though, every time he throws a challenge flag, I groan in agony. I’m sure others do too. He’s a defensive minded coach and this defense couldn’t probably stop the Browns from scoring at this point.

At the same time, Grigson has given him nobody of relevance to work with. Average players produce average results.

Here’s the kicker though, the AFC South is still bad.

If you follow my Twitter, you’ll know that I coined the hashtag #BrockOsweilerFutureMVP last season.

I gave that up. The Texans still don’t have an offense. They never have. They typically have a decent defense, but this season are dealing with their star linebacker, JJ Watt, injured and out for the season . The Titans are still bad and the Jaguars are 0-3, to nobody’s surprise.

There’s no excuse for the Colts to be this bad with an arguably elite quarterback despite regression.

It’s time for Irsay to clean the house. Clean it and erase the nightmare we’ve seen the past two seasons.