Artist Come Together for Indianapolis "Roundtable"

The Monument Circle Art Fair invites artists from all over the state of Indiana and beyond to come together to present their finest pieces of work to the public.

Photo from Monument Circle Art Fair website.

Photo from Monument Circle Art Fair website.

Ruth Stoner, chairman of the Monument Circle Art Fair, explained how successful the event has been  since it was first introduced to the public in 2015.

“We had a decent amount of traffic on the first year, and last year I think it was even more. Hopefully it’ll be more yet.”

Stoner went into further detail explaining what the public can expect to see at the fair and the various amount of artwork that they are able to purchase.

“All different mediums,” Stoner explained. “Wood, glass, paintings, drawings, ceramics, metal, furniture; a few different things.”

The fair will feature artwork created by over 60 artists from across Indianapolis, all of which will be available for purchasing and display. Stoner’s assistant Tom Stevens made it very clear that this is solely an event for fine arts and not an event for arts and crafts.

“We try to keep it to fine art. We don’t want to turn it into what you call arts and crafts. We try to keep this at fine art, meaning things like paintings, photography, ceramics, sculptures, handmade jewelry, those kinds of things.”

However, the public isn’t limited to simply buying or examining the artwork. Visitors will also be able to  interact with the artists themselves and be able to converse with artists on their respective works and how they made them.

Some of these include ceramic pieces by Sean Gray, pieces made from old parts and materials by Michael Ediza, custom jewelry by Heather Bussel, and countless others.  

“The artists are almost always present,” Stevens explained. “They very rarely send a surrogate to run their booth.”

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Stevens further explained how the fair isn’t solely for examining and purchasing artwork. The event will also feature musical performances by Nick Zyromski, Yellow Kites, Flatland Harmony Experiment, Jomberfox, the Sax Guy Trio, and Indyca.

“You can come down there and, if you do nothing else, you can get in free and watch music all day for free,” Stevens explained.

The Monument Circle Art Fair is meant to act as an experience to interact with various artists who possess various artistic skills, as well as an enjoyable time to spend with friends, as Stoner further explained.

“If they like to buy fine art, and if they value art and want to support local artists, then I would say it would be an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon with free music. Even if you don’t want to spend any money on art, it’s still a fun event.”

The fair will take place this Saturday, October 7, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.