First Craft Brewery in Boone County Arriving Soon

Indiana’s newest craft brewery is making a name for itself in Boone County, where Moontown Brewing Company opened its doors to the residents of Whitestown on Oct. 15.

Courtesy of Moontown Brewing Company's Facebook

Courtesy of Moontown Brewing Company's Facebook

The brewery will open in three phases over the next five months: event space, Oct. 15; taproom, Jan. 2; full bar and restaurant on March 15.

The $1 million investment sees father-son duo Pete and Bobby Mattingly set up their brew tanks in the retired Whitestown High School gymnasium. The refurbished gymnasium is located in the heart of Whitestown’s Legacy Core, where becoming a tight knit part of the community is one of Moontown’s priorities.

“We see Moontown being a huge part of the Whitestown community,” said Bobby Mattingly, Moontown’s youngest brewer. “We plan to support as many local farms, vendors, restaurants and craftspeople as much as we possibly can. We want to have community farmers markets, support Whitestown police and firefighters and participate in charities and public works.”

The creation of Moontown Brewing Company came into fruition when Bobby was 18 years old. He watched his father produce wort then beer out of their garage with homemade equipment. This is where Bobby’s interest in brewing peaked.

“I took dad's home brewing lessons to heart, scaled up our system and took it upon myself to continue his home brewing practices, perfect his recipes, and turn it into something even bigger,” said Bobby.

The family run brewery stems from Moontown Road in rural Noblesville. Bobby and his brother-in-law would attend get-togethers staged at a local barn where they would discuss the idea of trying to grow Moontown Brewing Company into one of Indiana’s finest craft breweries.

Courtesy of Moontown Brewing Company's Facebook

Courtesy of Moontown Brewing Company's Facebook

“We had a lot of fun, back in the day stories out there. We decided that it was a great idea and Moontown Brewing Company just stuck,” Bobby said.

The Mattingly family has always had a passion for beer, producing the beverage on the side while managing a family construction business. They now look to transition into making it their full time job.

“To now be able to move up to a professional level is incredible,” said Bobby.

Moontown plans to produce five house beers that include King of Troy Dortmunder Lager, Bam Bam Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale, Summer Sunshine Citra-Hopped Pale Ale, Cecil New England IPA, and Bright Side of the Moon Breakfast Stout. Seasonal beers will also be featured throughout the year.