Broad Ripple Hosts Fourth Annual Santa Stumble Pub Crawl This Saturday

This Saturday, CCA Sports will hold the fourth annual Santa Stumble Pub Crawl, which will stumble its way across six bars along Broad Ripple Avenue.

Last Year’s Stumblers at Rock Lobster (Image courtesy of

Last Year’s Stumblers at Rock Lobster (Image courtesy of

Participants will be divided into six groups, each representing a different non-profit organization: Friends of Riley, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra F.O.R.T.E., Indy Hub, Broad Ripple Village Association, Little Red Door Cancer Agency and Marley’s March.

The crawl will take place from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The six bars included in the crawl are Rock Lobster, Average Joe’s, Mineshaft, Old Pro’s Table, Broad Ripple Tavern and Brickhouse Dueling Piano Bar.

Tickets can be purchased here, with prices ranging from $20 for the Red, Green and Blue groups, $22 for the Silver, Gold and Pink, or $25 for a general admission.

Included with each ticket is two free Coors Lights, a souvenir mug and $2 or $3 select mix drinks and shots at each bar.

A free scarf is included with Silver, Gold, Pink and general admission tickets.

Each group is limited to 150 people.

As a special offer, CCA Sports is offering a $3 discount to all IUPUI students for the pink group, representing Marley’s March, if they enter the promotional code: IUPUISTUMBLE.

Santa Stumblers at Last Year’s Pub Crawl (Image courtesy of

Santa Stumblers at Last Year’s Pub Crawl (Image courtesy of

“I think you should expect to it being exactly like your holiday party you would hold at home,” Bryan Bernard, CCA Sport’s Marketing/Operations Manager, said. “Only with a lot more people, and a lot more energy to it.”

Bernard has been involved with CCA Sports since June of this year.

“It is my job to make sure that as many people know about the crawl as possible, and to make sure the day of goes well.”

This will be his first year working for and participating in the pub crawl.

“I’ve been looking at a number of the videos and photos of past years. It definitely looks like it's an amazing time.”

Participants of years past have attended the crawl in costume, whether it be ugly christmas sweaters, reindeer antlers or full on Santa Claus outfits.

“It’s kind of a kick off for the Holiday Season.” John Pantzer, CCA Sports founder and owner, said. “It’s a great way for our participants to socialize, for new people to come into the CCA community.”

CCA Sports was founded by Pantzer in June of 1994 as an organization devoted to providing recreational sports and leagues to the Indianapolis area.

“Originally I started it as a way to keep groups of friends together, meet new people, and as it's grown, it's continued to do that for more and more people.”

In its first year, the Santa Stumble was only involved with Friends of Riley, where the goal was to raise $500.

As more pubs and nonprofits were added each year, the goal has since risen to $5000.

“Depending on where we end up this year, we'll probably grow about 25 to 30 percent over last year. Adding anywhere from 200 to 250 more people to the crawl.”

Both Pantzer and Bernard will be in attendance at the crawl.

“I’m just really there to be a participant, [and] help Bryan and the rest of support staff make sure that the event goes well and each participant has an excellent experience.”

Those interested in participating in other organized sports sponsored by CCA Sports can find more information and register here.

“Every year of the Santa Stumble, we send surveys to the participants, asking them what they thought and we adjust accordingly,” Bernard said. “I’ve gone through the surveys, they're quite positive.”

Despite the positive feedback received by the Stumble, Pantzer made note of the importance of looking for improvements.

“It’s hard to say what we can improve until this and that's over,” Pantzer said. “But we know we always take a look and say, ‘Hey, is there something we could have done better?”

As the Stumble attracts a larger audience with each year, Bernard has high hopes for its future.

“There's some cities that have pub crawls that are as [many] as 20,000 [participants],” Bernard said. “And I'm not saying we're gonna hit there today or tomorrow, but you know, who knows?”

Pantzer reiterated this, saying, “I think it can continue to grow. I think the nice thing is we see people go year after year and come back with friends.”

The next event hosted by CCA Sports will be its New Years Eve Party at the Indiana Roof Ballroom.