What to do for Valentine's Day - Single's Guide

Valentine’s Day is a day for couples to cherish how much they love each other and for single people to be reminded of the love they don’t have.

There’s plenty of things to do for the ones who have dates with their significant other, and even the ones on a first date, but what about the ones without those people to express their love to?

Here are some activities for those single folks out there without anything to do:

  1. Watch “500 Days of Summer” or “Gone Girl” to realize that some relationships are just not meant to be.

  2. Hangout with friends or family members who are also trying to find something to do. You’re all in this together.

  3. Go to an animal shelter and be with some lovable animals. Finding love with other people is hard, so express your love with some cats and dogs because they’ll love you back.

  4. Go to Hooters and get some free wings by bringing a picture of your ex and ripping it up in front of the employee’s face.

  5. For the ladies, subscribe to Single's Swag to get some cool stuff to make you “look and feel beautiful”.

  6. Play Tinder Roulette, a game where people keep saying yes to everyone they see on Tinder. You can make others feel wanted.

  7. Get the Hater app where you match with people that hate the same things as you. Maybe you’ll find someone to love based on hate.

  8. Participate in Galentine’s Day, a day where girls can take their gal pals and go out and kick it lady style. Do it on February 13th.

  9. Watch “The Notebook” to get in the feels and inspire you to go out to find someone to spend Valentine’s Day with next year.

  10. Listen to the Campus Citizen’s “An Extremely Groovy Movie” Podcast, where we try to get into the holiday spirit.

  11. Give someone you like a Valentine’s Day card. Maybe they’ll give you one back.

  12. Go out and mingle with some other single people. They’re looking for someone to be with too.

  13. Just stay home and be by yourself. You’re spending your entire life with yourself, so might as well learn to love yourself.

  14. Just treat it like a normal day. Mind over matter.

Whether this list of things to do helped or not, have a memorable Valentine’s Day regardless!