Randy and Mr. Lahey of "Trailer Park Boys" bring No Pants Unpissed Tour to Indiana

Randy and Mr. Lahey from the show “Trailer Park Boys” are touring Indiana on their No Pants Unpissed Tour, and The Campus Citizen caught up with talked to Mr. Lahey  about his upcoming tour, his friendship with Randy, and their hit Netflix show.

Randy and Mr. Lahey, Lahey on right, photo from Facebook

Randy and Mr. Lahey, Lahey on right, photo from Facebook

After Lahey picked up the phone, I thanked him for doing this, and his response was simply “doing what.” Immediately his sense of humor and timing was on display and it was clear why they were out performing. It was also clear that they aren’t rookies when it comes to traveling together and putting on comedy shows.

The duo have been traveling with each other for 12 years, have done over 100 shows in South America, all while making people laugh and putting on a show that the audience will love. It was evident that they cared deeply about their fans right away, “meeting people is one of our favorite parts about being on tour. Seeing all the different places and feeling like you are on an adventure all while spending time with Randy is also a favorite part too doing tours like these,” Lahey explained.

Things aren’t always sunny and bright though, as weather and certain venues are some of the lesser things they care for.

“Sometimes we get booked by venues that aren’t really equipped for our show. The lighting will be bad, or the sound will be bad, or sometimes we will have 500 fans just standing there. They will laugh, but half of them can’t even see what is going on while we are on stage. That is what really hurts us, when the fans don’t get the best experience.”

Both Randy and Lahey show a certain versatility. Although they are known for their role in  "Trailer Park Boys,” both performers like to branch out for their comedy shows.

“We like variety, when it comes to the comedy show we get to see different cities, and every city is different. While when it comes to the show “Trailer Park Boys” we only film for a month and a half, but it is very exciting.”

The passion he showed for both the comedy tour and “Trailer Park Boys” was refreshing, you could tell they really care about what they do, and who they do it for. Their friendship is something you don’t see nowadays.

“Randy and I have never really had a blow out, when we need to vent we just vent. We have opposite personalities, so that helps a lot. Randy will do the things like booking, and I will do the

driving. We have been together for 45 years, it’s like he’s my wife,” Lahey said. “I’m the dog, and randy is the cat, or he’s more like a rat.” Showing the sort of love and fun back and forth we’ve all had with our friends, it was refreshing  to see and great to learn how close these two are.

Randy and Mr. Lahey are going to be in Ft. Wayne Feb. 22, Terre Haute Feb. 23, Lafayette on Feb. 24, Indianapolis on Feb. 25, and Evansville on Feb. 26. Check back with The Campus Citizen for a review of their Lafayette show.

Randy and Mr. Lahey will be performing at the Irvington Theater at 8 p.m., tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door.