Review: Randy and Mr. Lahey No Pants Unpissed Tour

Randy and Mr. Lahey of the “Trailer Park Boys” visited Lafayette, Indiana on Friday Feb. 24. After having the pleasure of getting to do a phone interview with them, I was excited to see their show, and they did not disappoint.

From left to right Mr. Lahey and Randy on stage, photo from Andrew Heck

From left to right Mr. Lahey and Randy on stage, photo from Andrew Heck

The two comedians/actors were on their the game from the very beginning. It wasn’t like any comedy show where the comedian stands on the stage and just fires off jokes. They had props, lots and lots of alcohol, and the most important thing they had during the evening was fan interaction.

Lahey and Randy made you feel like you were more out on the night with a few friends, than just attending their comedy show. They drank with you, laughed with you, and even at times laughed at you. It was all in fun though, as you could tell whatever jokes they made, they did it with a sort of kindness. The two comedians fed off of each other as you’d expect two people who have known each other for over 45 years.

The comedy duo brought up crowd members four times throughout the show, using them as props, or just to bring them another beer. They showed that they respected and appreciated every fan in the audience, and you could tell their main focus was to make sure that the fans had the best time that they could give us.

They’d take jabs at each other making the crowd laugh, making it hard to decide who got the best of who. It was like watching a tennis match of insults, with the winner being the crowd.

Randy raises his beer to the audience, photo from Andrew Heck

Randy raises his beer to the audience, photo from Andrew Heck

The props are what really set them apart from other comedy shows I’ve attended. They used props that made the show feel more like a real-life television episode, then just someone telling jokes. This was unique and brought a different element to their standup. Seeing them use props like this really shows just how creative these two are. It is hard to be funny and make a room full of people laugh, but to come up with full skits and make people laugh while using random objects is especially impressive.

While there were vulgar parts to their show, it never crossed a line and if you ever watched “Trailer Park Boys” it was something that should be expected.

The night was definitely worth the money, and if you are looking to do something fun and like you’ve probably never done before I would recommend going to see Randy and Mr. Lahey. They won’t disappoint, whether you’re a fan of “Trailer Park Boys,” or just a fan of laughing. If you don’t mind a little cursing, a little drinking, and a whole lot of laughing I would say this show is right up your alley. Randy and Mr. Lahey will be making two more stops in Indianapolis on Saturday night, and Evansville on Sunday night before leaving Indiana.

Before leaving the stage Mr. Lahey said we give him the best memories of his life, so go ahead and go make a memory or two with him.

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