Indy Fuel Hallett's to Build New Ice Rink in Greenwood

This spring, Jim and Sean Hallett of the Indy Fuel will open a state-of-the-art ice rink just down the road from Indy, in Greenwood Ind. The new facility will be a 20 million dollar investment, and will be 115,000 acres of ice and sporting activities for everyone to enjoy.

The facility will open with two ice sheets and two turf fields which will be able to be converted to two more ice sheets, making a total of four ice sheets if needed. Sean Hallett says the ice sheets will be able to accommodate public skating, figure skating, speed skating, curling, broomball, and other ice sports. When it comes to the turf fields, they will accommodate futsal, soccer, lacrosse, and any other turf sport you may want to play.

When asked why Greenwood was the place he wanted the brand new ice complex, Mr. Hallett mentioned that the North side of Indianapolis has accessibility to six sheets of ice, while Greenwood has almost the same demographic and population to the North side of Indianapolis with 250,000 people within a ten mile radius, but is only being served by one piece of ice at Perry Park. Mr. Hallett states.

“Given Greenwood’s accessibility to communities from the east to west of Indianapolis that also do not have ice facilities, the city of Greenwood made the most sense when looking at a map of the greater Indianapolis area”.

Growing the popularity and participation of youth hockey and the sport of hockey in general in the city of Indiana is a great goal, and it seems the Hallett’s are making a big commitment. Putting a rink where there seldom any is a great way to gain more public interest and public participation when it comes to the sport of hockey.

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Mr. Hallett believes hockey is a sport that can grow on its own. “Not only is hockey growing as a spectator sport at the professional level, but it is one of the few youth sports where participation is not in decline. By building these types of facilities we are only helping to foster a sport that naturally wants to grow on its own”.

Mr. Hallett also believes that with more visibility of the sport it will only become more popular among Hoosiers. “Hockey is already popular among Hoosiers who’ve been exposed to it, but obviously with the launch of the Fuel, building these facilities, and the formation of the junior Fuel, the sport is only going to get that much more visibility which I think will allow it to become a more mainstream sport in central Indiana”.

Certainly with the Hallett’s in town hockey has the best chance it ever has to grow, prosper, and become one of the more popular sports amongst Hoosiers. With the Indy Fuel, the Fuel Tank at Fischers, and now the soon to be iceplex in Greenwood, Hoosier’s have every opportunity they need to enjoy the sport either as a spectator or a competitor. The future looks bright for hockey in the Hoosier state, and with the Hallett’s help, it will only get brighter.