iMOCA Presents: Psychological Traces by Sarah Hobbs

The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (iMOCA) is a modern art museum that was founded in 2001. The goal of iMOCA is to bring different art exhibits and programming to the Indianapolis area to stimulate minds, inspire new discoveries, and demonstrate vital connections between visual culture and everyday life.

An example of some of Sarah Hobb's work, from her website. 

An example of some of Sarah Hobb's work, from her website. 

“We are Indy’s only museum dedicated solely to showing and advancing contemporary art,” Mike Barclay, director of exhibitions, said. “We are a non-collecting, non-profit museum enriching the lives of our community by providing accessible, free art experiences.”

They want to give that audience a chance to get engaged with the art. The museum offers all mediums of art, from the traditional drawing, painting, and sculpture, as well as music, dance, and performance.

“We know no boundaries,” Barclay said.

One of the popular programs put on at iMOCA are the Artists Talks. The museum brings in an artist whose work they are showcasing to talk about their work and really get engaged with the audience and their artistic style.

“Public talks are a great way for the artist to engage the public and explain their process or vision on a much deeper level. They help to build relationships with the artists and our city. We all learn from each other,” Barclay said.

On April 19, iMOCA will be hosting artist and photographer Sarah Hobbs for an Artist Talk.

“We recently closed our Fountain Square location while we work on a new home but that does not mean we are being quiet. Currently, we curate the CityWay gallery in the Alexander/CityWay downtown,” Barclay said.

Sarah Hobbs is an artist who lives and works in Atlanta, Ga. She attended the University of Georgia and received her BFA in art history in 1992 and her MFA in photography in 2000.

Another example of Hobb's work, from her website. 

Another example of Hobb's work, from her website. 

Hobbs has been awarded numerous awards, most recently including the Idea Capital Grant Awardee earlier in 2017.

“I have always been a lover of art. My grandfather was a photography hobbyist and I had my hands on a camera at an early age,” artist Sarah Hobbs said. “It wasn't until late in high school that I put those two things together. I always knew I wanted to be an artist and photography was my entry into that.”

Hobbs had previously worked with Paula Katz, the director of iMOCA, at a different museum, so Katz was familiar with Hobbs’ work. That’s how she got her exhibit, Psychological Traces, in the museum.

“Sarah Hobbs has never shown in Indy before but she has exhibited all over the world and her photographs can be found in large collections all over the U.S. Her work is humorous yet dark and very engaging and it was a perfect fit for the gallery,” Barclay said.

Hobbs’ upcoming gallery, Psychological Traces, is a photography exhibit that is about the psychological space created by the compulsions and neurotic tendencies of human behavior.

This series of almost life sized photographs works to show domestic environments that can cause irresistible impulses like perfectionism, overcompensation, obsessive compulsiveness, and social phobias.

“I am fascinated by the ways in which we arrange our living spaces through our neuroses. Does the space we have created assuage or exacerbate our inner conflicts?” Hobbs said.

The Sarah Hobbs exhibition Psychological Traces at the CityWay Gallery curated by iMOCA will end on June 21 and the next exhibition will open on June 30.