School of Liberal Arts Will Bring Opportunities to Students Next Thursday

On Thursday, the School of Liberal Arts will host the Liberal Arts Fair, giving students a variety of internships, scholarships, and organizations on campus and a chance to search for a career in Liberal Arts.

Cassandra Williams, associate faculty of Africana Studies and interim manager of Recruitment and Retention, described the Liberal Arts Fair as the “meat and potatoes of recruitment.”

The Liberal Arts Fair will have opportunities for students to explore scholarships, internships, and career choices. Students will be able to speak directly with faculty, as well as current students who may be majoring in similar disciplines to discuss the choices they have for their future. Williams provided a bit of insight into last year’s fair and provided a few expectations for what students will witness at the fair this year.

“I think it was great because our faculty not only got to meet with students.” Williams explained, “It’s networking. It’s potential internships under different disciplines. It’s collaborating with colleagues. And so there’s tables from career planning, to what to do next after college, to scholarship opportunities while you’re here.”

Assistant Director of Recruitment, Retention & Academic Services Amy Jones Richardson had more to say regarding the numerous benefits students will receive from simply attending the fair.

“You have lots of choices, and many of those choices kind of get lost in the shuffle.” Richardson explained, “It’s kind of hard to know which of the thousands and thousands of websites to look at.” Richardson said, “I think the fair provides a great opportunity for those to be visible in the Campus Center where many, many students pass through on a daily basis.”

It should also be worth mentioning that even though it’s called the Liberal Arts Fair, it is in no way restricted to students in the School of Liberal Arts.

“It’s the creativity and the critical thinking that’re going to be the jobs in the future.” Williams explained, “And so any student who even wants to know what does it mean to get a degree in history, what can you do with a geography major. And so we have the faculty that are here to give you the data, the statistics on what are the jobs out there for the different disciplines as well,” Williams explained.

Both Williams and Richardson believe in the potential of the fair and feel that skipping the fair would be a missed opportunity.

“We’re here for the students, and if we’re not getting the students excited and passionate about Liberals Arts, then who will do it?” Williams said, “and so this was a push for not only for everybody to get together, but for our students to be walking advocates of our brand, and so it is my hope that this is a staple for other people to follow.”