Chreece Profile: David Peck

David Peck hanging out after his set at Chreece

David Peck hanging out after his set at Chreece

David Peck

Talented Indianapolis based DJ, beat maker, and self-proclaimed “bringer of vibes” David Peck played a solid set of electronic and hip-hop influenced tracks on the Fountain Square Plaza, Saturday evening. Peck has performed at all three Chreece festivals. The Campus Citizen caught him immediately after he left the stage for a short interview about his music and his experience at Chreece.

How does Chreece this year compare to the last two?
I mean it’s pretty much been the same kind of energy, the same kind of vibe, you know what I mean. It’s super positive, everyone’s out and about. I’d say it’s been consistent as far as the energy and stuff. Everyone’s having a great time.

Who are you looking forward to seeing tonight?
Well, of course Ghost Gun Summer. They’re helping to put all this together. Uh, I don’t know who I’ve missed already, I gotta check the schedule, but whoever is dope that I haven’t seen.

What fuels you to make the music that you make?
I don’t know, that’s a tough question I guess. I just try to make whatever music that speaks to me, and I listen to lots of different kinds of music. So I try to pull from different styles or what have you, and kind of wrap it all into one thing. I’ve been doing a lot of hip-hop lately, which I think kind of in an essence embodies that, because hip-hop music pulls from all different styles of music and samples from different eras of music. So, yeah, I mean, just taking all of my influences and spitting them back out.

So who have you been listening to lately that’s inspired your newest music?
Some of my biggest influences are like Madlib and J Dilla and Flying Lotus, and stuff like that. But recently, just a lot of super low-key internet artists that maybe have a small following online. Just the kind of music that you have to scout out for yourself online. Sleepy Eyes is one that I’ve been really digging lately.

So what’s coming up next for David Peck?
Right now I’m just working on writing new music. I haven’t put out a new album in a little while so, I’m working on producing stuff for that. And just playing shows as I’m asked, pretty much.