The Chinese Festival Makes a Stop at IUPUI

This Saturday from 12:00 - 6:00 pm, the Chinese community of Indianapolis will get to share their culture with the citizens of Indianapolis and the students of IUPUI at Wood Plaza.

The festival occurs every year during the month of the Chinese Moon Festival, the second largest festival in China after the Chinese New Year. The people of China celebrate the harvest with friends and family alike with this festival. Hosted by numerous organizations and businesses, including the Confucius Institute of Indianapolis and the IUPUI Chinese School, the Chinese Festival is expected to provide the student with an experience they won’t forget.


Noah Buonanno, secretary and treasurer of the event, took the time to explain the different groups and organizations that came together to make this event possible.

“It’s an IUPUI sponsored event, but we work with the city, the mayor’s office, as well as probably seven other local Chinese organizations.” Buonanno said, “I know one of them is the IUPUI School. A lot of them are like Sunday schools or Chinese businesses or dance schools. There’s all different varieties.”

Dr. Zao Cheng Xu, director of the Confucius School of Indianapolis and one of the organizers of the festival, spoke about how the event used to take place at Military Park and why they decided to move the event to the IUPUI campus.

“At the same time, IUPUI was also trying to get engaged with the community and I thought this is a good opportunity to bring people on campus.” Dr. Xu said, “And also it’s cheaper.”

The Chinese Festival is expected to bring the inner workings of the Chinese culture to the student body of IUPUI with a variety of different activities, dances, food and arts. Buonanno went into further detail as to what to expect.

“It’s basically performances the whole day for about five and a half hours.” Buonanno explained, “But while performances are going on, we also have a lot of different cultural booths. There are some interactive ones where you could play some Chinese games or do some crafts, you know, learn more about China.”


To get a little more into the specifics, students can expect to see a number of different performances such as ancient dragon and lion dancers, martial arts demonstrators, and a number of other Chinese dancers, musicians and singers. At the same time, the festival will enable students to get a chance to directly interact with the citizens of the Chinese community.

Dr. Xu went into detail explaining why this festival is so special to him, and why he believes it’s so important to the students and the city as a whole.

“The purpose of this is to try to engage with the local community, let them share their Chinese culture.” Dr. Xu explained, “And for all the people that come, they can learn about Chinese culture, especially with the booths, where we essentially talk about Chinese culture, Chinese game, and a lot of things.”