Letter from the Editor

I'm David Schroeder and I am the Editor-in-chief of TheCampusCitizen.com. Some of you might be familiar with The Campus Citizen, but most of you probably aren't. Last year we operated as a bi-monthly magazine, typically printing around 500 copies of each issue. Our web presence was limited to a Tumblr page and rarely updated social media accounts.

In April 2015, the remaining staff—Ben Cooley, Rob Hunt, Leighann Strollo, Elizabeth Cotter, Keslen Hazelwood, Casey Kenworthy, Dennis Barbosa, Vince Roberts and I—began working exclusively in digital media for The Campus Citizen. Since we didn't have a website, we posted to our exisiting Tumblr page. None of us were proud of our Tumblr page, but we were and still are very proud of the work we put into it and the product we got out of it.  

This year we are exclusively online at TheCampusCitizen.com. My hope is that we can become a platform for students at IUPUI to explore their journalistic curiosities. We want to facilitate the creation of cool stuff. We're not exactly sure what that stuff is yet, but we'll figure it out as the year goes on. 

This is our first week, and I think we've got some great stories for people to check out. If you like us then keep coming back, because we're only going to get better each week.

Thank you,
David Schroeder