Poetry: "Love", "Lonely is a Loner's Life", and "Heartless Fellow"

A series of poems by Vasilis Onwuaduegbo.


The force that can men cry like babies
That makes scientists intelligently stupid,
That transforms girls into ladies
That is thought to be spread by the Cupid;

The force that inspired the Mona Lisa
The force that initiated the Trojan War;
The force behind the saintly Mother Theresa
Who stopped the killing of twins and so much more.

The force that makes many to be intrepid
The force that rises the cost of daisies
The force that even make pain less vivid
Love is the anesthesia of ages

Love cannot be studied with laxity,
Because it is far more complex than gravity.


Lonely is a Loner’s Life

Lonely is a loner’s sad life
On his own, without a wife,
Friends are wanted, but never found
He eats and eats, ‘till he gets round

Sitting at home wasting his talent
Thoughts are always ambivalent
TV alive from dusk to dawn
Music so loud he cannot yawn

Lonely he hopes to the grave he won’t go, 
Bad he doesn’t do; bad you wouldn’t know
Despite being sharp as a knife,
Lonely is this loner’s sad life.


Heartless Fellow

Elevated high from the rich fool’s tea
‘Cos my heart has been taken from me,
Used as a mat and stepped on by feet
She thought of my heart as a piece of meat.

Tragic the way our love came to an end
Romantic the way I became your friend
The first time I saw you, you shone like a star
Angelic beauty disguised who you are. 

Oh! Why did you think me to trap?
And turn my soul into a chicken lap
Your words so clear, yet so confused
Your touch alone made me bemused.

Being cold as winter froze your heart
Your attitude made me feel like a fart
I wanted to give you a ring, give you my name
I wanted to go to my parents and call you my dame.